• Keeps My Wife’s Plants Alive

    My wife likes to keeps plants in the house and try as she might, they regularly die. The ones in the kitchen window see some sun, but not enough. They die slower, but get leaves everywhere and I hate it. The plants in the bathroom are out of the way, but they die even faster and it is dreary.This light was a hope that bathroom plants could thrive so no more would sully my kitchen, and after about a week and a half now, I can confidently say MISSION SUCCESSFUL. Straightforward controls let you set how much light you need for you plant and you let it do its thing.I win, my wife wins, and this plant gets a happy life hanging out with a toilet.

  • Bright light…design could be better

    I got this for my wife’s plant that she has in a spot that doesn’t get much light. This grow light has different light modes and brightness settings. You can set it to turn on and off automatically every 3/9/12 hours and set it and forget it. The light is height adjustable and can rotate 180°. My only gripe with it is that the light doesn’t easily stay where you want it. The top (ring light) just spins around and since I have it in a hard to reach spot it was a real pain to get it exactly where I wanted it. It was very frustrating to position it exactly where I want it to only watch it spin around and reposition itself somewhere else

  • Very basic but effective

    A very simple and inexpensive design that does the job, but there are no frills here. From the ring light to what looks like an antenna mount, this is as basic as they come.That said, it is effective for a smallish plant or planter. Variable brightness and a timer are included on the in-cord control. This is a USB-A plug so you will need an adapter, (sold separately) to plug this into a wall outlet.I have been using this for three weeks now and it has perked up these low light indoor plants that are on the north side of my house. They get reflected light from the driveway/walkway but no direct light at any time of day. Though they are low light plants, this has perked them up with a little directed light and was a good buy at only $11.99 when tested. Recommend as long as you understand how basic this plant light is.

  • My full sun plants love it! Great build quality, light quality, and customer service! Win.

    IMVSincere really deserves this revision. I originally reviewed it lower because of concerns that I’d had. But, the customer service is delightful. They solved the problem fast, and now I’ve purchased several more. It’s just a great value light and the right color balance and brightness for my full sun bog plants. They did a good job with this light. It’s simple and no frills but quality and exactly what your plants need. Included is a unboxing video and review of both the 100 watt version and 200 watt version. I now have 4 100 watts and 1 200 watt. My entire office is a full sun garden to get me and my plants through the dreary Pittsburgh winter!

  • Let the Sunshine In

    My plants and I both love our IMVSINCERE Full Spectrum Grow Light Bulb. Houseplants and seedlings grow like crazy under this lamp, and when real sunshine is available for the plants, this full-spectrum light bulb illuminates our kitchen sink and countertops like we're working outdoors on a clear day. This bulb brings out natural colors and fine details our old incandescent, florescent, and standard LED lighting never could. While using only 30 watts, this bulb brightly lights the entire work area, and the multiple LED chips mean few if any shadows from the fixture, faucet, or cabinetry. Because it fits a standard light socket, installation was just a matter of unscrewing the old bulb and screwing in the new. My wife and I are delighted with this bulb and happy to recommend it.

  • BRIGHT with WIDE Throw of Light

    This full spectrum light is fantastic!! I have two other full spectrum E26 Down Lights similar to this one, but they are a Narrow Beam. This light bulb also throws it's Gloriously PURE light out and about my entire Kitchen. My other bulb like this one only lit up my sinks due to the Tight Beam on it.I've been putting Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lights around the inside of my Home and it makes a huge difference. No "Yellow/Brown" hues like from my Incandescent filament bulbs. No Flicker and Dull Blue Hue like my Old Florescent bulbs. No STARK WHITE with Blue Hue like my LED Lights either. I'm loving this Full Spectrum Light bulb. COLORS stand out as their TRUE colors now. I HIGHLY recommend this Full Spectrum Plant Growing Light bulb and it's a great value at this price point.

  • Hidden Gem hiding in plain sight.ive purchased lots of different

    I've purchased many different lights for that were more expensive and found that this one has as good if not better lighting.

  • a "light"-saver

    I secured this light on the lower level of my plant stand - making up for the sun these plants couldn't get. I'm very happy (and so are the plants) with the results - glad to be able to use more of the stand due to this grow light. It's got a good spread due to its ring design - I'm quickly becoming a fan of this light type.

  • Let's grow a garden!

    All the power you need to grow the best vegetables, come with everything you need to hang, the dimmer switch is easy to use, put it on the right setting (measure your PPFD’s) for the perfect grow!